President Duterte complained that Canada and the US included too many impositions on their arms deals

Map. History of Philippines conflict

23 September 2018
Shoot me, don't jail me, Philippines' Duterte tells Hague court prosecutor
President Duterte asks why the ICC is focusing on him when there are so many rapes/other crimes
President Duterte clarifying his spokesperson @attyharryroque's statements on "thanking China" for building structures in the West Philippine Sea
Philippines president Duterte says that we can't fight a war with the US and China
Duterte: We are neutral, we will continue to talk to China. This is not the time to be fighting over the South China Sea because again it will lead to war
President Duterte says that he is only returning the favor to Sison's order to kill 1 policeman/soldier everyday
President Duterte: I'm putting notice to the world that the Philippine Rise is ours
Duterte: I want helicopters to finish off the rebels
President Duterte complained that Canada and the US included too many impositions on their arms deals
President Duterte amid cutting of arms deal with the US: "I assure you, I am supporting Trump. He is a good President. He is doing it for his country."
President Duterte tells the Philippines armt to cut chopper deal with Canada, adds that they should no longer buy weapons and armaments from Canada and the United States
Duterte to the Kuwaiti gov't: When will this inhuman treatment of our Filipino workers end? When will the upliftment of their human dignity begin? To the Kuwaiti government and all others where our OFWs work, we seek and expect your assistance in this regard
President Duterte says that he will ask PAL and Cebu Pacific to send OFWs who want to be repatriated to be sent home in 72 hours
President Duterte says that when the prosecutor from the ICC comes here, he also wants to complain
Philippines President Duterte says he did not give specific orders to kill
Duterte says there had been no definition of EJKs so he can't be accused of committing it, says that a crime can only be prosecuted where it occurred
President Duterte says that Senator Leila de Lima "played with drugs" and "made pornographic videos."
Philippines president Duterte to ICC, if you find me guilty so be it. I do not want imprisonment. Find me a country where they execute
President Duterte turns emotional as he showed pictures of mutilated OFW in Kuwait, adds that Filipinos are no slaves to anyone
"If a ban is needed, then let it be so," President Duterte said concerning Kuwait deployments
President Duterte says every abuse suffered by OFWs an affront to Filipinos, says that he's ready to take drastic steps to protect Filipinos
President Duterte says deaths of OFWs in Kuwait a national shame because the government failed to protect them
Housing authorities say foreign companies are interested in developing Marawi City
Duterte sets Kuwait visit; another Pinay found dead
Army reports about 3 IS militants that were killed on Thursday in Pantar town, just a few km north of Marawi. One of the fighters was freed by IS when they conquered the city on 23th May 2017.
Duterte: If I don't use dictatorial style, nothing will happen to Philippines
International Criminal Court to open preliminary probes on war on drugs in Philippines, violence in Venezuela.
A 3.8 magnitude quake struck 26 kilometers southwest of San Antonio, Zambales at 5:24 pm Thursday
7 month ago
Body of missing Filipino caretaker in Taiwan earthquake found
President Duterte invited to visit Kuwait amid OFW deployment ban
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