Map. History of Philippines conflict

21 September 2017
Nograles: We are one with CHR in the fight against all forms of human rights violation
Nograles: Speaker basically told Chairman Gascon that we are not the enemy. The Duterte government is not the enemy
Nograles says budget was restored after CHR Chair Gascon agreed to investigate rights violations vs police, military
Philippines National Police chief wants to develop ‘kuyog’ culture amid controversies
President Duterte raises bounty for 'ninja policemen' to P3 million
Duterte declares September 21 as national day of protest
Floods in Marikina City
President Duterte: I am not interested to appoint barangay captains
President Duterte on his drug war: The law does not say you excuse those who are poor
PresidentDuterte leads oathtaking of PNPA Alumni Assoc Inc.
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 20km SW of Sangay, Philippines
Militants groups protesting against extrajudicial killings clashed with the police outside the Department of Justice in Manila
President of the Philippines Duterte to Commission of Humar Rights Gascon: "Why are you fixated on children? Are you a pedophile?"
President Duterte on the hostages who had to "serve the bodies" of the hostage takers: "That makes me sad."
President Duterte says that when the fighting is over in Marawi, he doesn't want a statement of victory because everyone lost
President of the Philippines Duterte says that China will build a bridge in the Philippines for free
President Duterte says that he will use Commission on Human Rights P600m budget to buy cameras. No police operations without a camera
President of the Philippines Duterte: If you destroy the country, I will kill you. I will repeat this until the end of time
President of the Philippines Duterte says that corrupt policemen are not accorded this right, however
President Duterte: The constitution says that you have the right to be assisted by a lawyer if you are accused of any crime
President Duterte says that he will not take orders from Trillanes
President Duterte admits that a foreign government w/c he will not name gave him information on Trillanes' money laundering.
President Duterte says that Senator @TrillanesSonny has a Chinese co-depositor
President Duterte on resignation: "I will subject my resignation to congress, but with the concurrence of the military."
President Duterte slams the Left's collection of revolutionary tax
President Duterte says that he will use the money to build houses for the Filipino
Erwin Tulfo asks President Duterte why he allowed the protests: "Because I believe in the constitution." answer Duterte
President Duterte warning protesters to observe traffic rules
President Duterte says that leftists were ousted in government legally and democratically via voting
President Duterte on Commission on Human Rights: Oh my god. What kind of government agency are you. You stick to 1 or 2 or 3 (deaths) and make it a melodramatic issue.