Map. History of Philippines conflict

22 July 2017
ISIS said its fighters have killed 5 Filippino soldiers and wounded 4 more during clashes in Marawi city. Philippines
Philippines to extend Mindanao martial law until December 31 as it compares Marawi crisis to Mosul
16-year-old girl found dead in Pangasinan rice field, Philippines
Philippines' Duterte says will never visit 'lousy' United States
Police chief, 4 others die in Philippines Guihulngan ambushб
Duterte to Red consultants: Surrender or be hunted down
President Duterte on peace talks with Reds: I have also decided to just abandon the talks
President Duterte on death of Jun Pala: If I do not like you I go up to you and challenge you
President Duterte: Bully. I am a bully. Lalo an enemies of the state
President Duterte says he does not want an offensive at this time because of the 300 hostages in Marawi
President Duterte slams collection of revolutionary taxes: You are living off the fat of the land of other people's property
President Duterte to communists: Stop fighting. Stop revolutionary tax
President Duterte to lumad insurgents: I will make you soldiers. I will give you homes, jobs
President Duterte says that he used to listen to Joma Sison because he is an idealist
President Duterte says that the lumads have been tricked by the communists
President Duterte: Good mining means no people are really in pain. Good mining equals there is no agony
President Duterte says that he will increase taxes on miners unless they do something to help those affected
President Duterte says that he is only interested in serving the Filipino people, expresses frustration with the constitution
President Duterte slams critics: If I really wanted to be a dictator, I just need to be in the good graces of the military by promoting generals
President Duterte says that mayors are quarreling with each other over the lure of gold from mining
President Duterte laments that mining has fouled the rivers of the country
President Duterte: If you want to hold up traffic. Go ahead. Be my guest
President Duterte says that he will allow leftists to demonstrate for a month
President Duterte: There is too much of us 110 million. We can sacrifice 20% of us. We are overpopulated
President Duterte: We have to correct an injustice
President Duterte says that a strong leader is needed to oversee federalism, lest the country become like the Balkan states
President Duterte says that there will never be peace in Mindanao without a shift to a different structure of governance
President Duterte now describing atrocities committed by American forces against Mindanaoans
President Duterte: Islam came here first
President Duterte says that he can fight the communist insurgency for 50 more years because he has the AFP while NPA only has poor lumads